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Aromatic malt

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Extract Potential (P/P/G) 1.036
Color 17-21 L
Requires Mashing? Yes
Max in Batch 10-100
Grain in the fields

Aromatic malt is a kilned barley malt used to give beer a strong, aggressive malt aroma and rich color.


[edit] Brewing with aromatic malt

[edit] General brewing information

Aromatic malt is high in diastatic power and can convert itself completely; however, because of the extremely strong aromatics it lends to the finished beer, most brewers avoid using more than 10% in a batch to maintain balance.

[edit] Beer styles

A traditional Belgian malt, aromatics are common in malty Belgian beers such as dubbels.

[edit] Commercial malt analyses

This section contains information on commercially available malts, derived from the malting companies' malt analysis sheets.

[edit] Dingemans