Belgian Christmas Beer

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Many Belgian brewers brew special beers for the holiday season. These are typically beers in another Belgian style, often a Quadrupel, sometimes with licorice or spices added. Commercial examples include Corsendonk Christmas Ale, Delirium Noel, and others.

[edit] History of Belgian Christmas Beer

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[edit] Commercial Examples

Corsendonk Christmas Ale
A Belgian Strong Ale brewed by Du Bocq. Very nice Christmas brew. Aroma is intense with dark fruits, wine and smoked malts along with a heavy dose of salty liquorice. Flavour is strong alcoholic and warming, again with both complex malts and fruits. nice. (anonymous)

[edit] Competition Styles

Neither the BJCP nor the GABF style guidelines recognize a separate style; however, most commercial examples would fall into one or more other styles as well.