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Information on the DCLabs yeasts needed


Saflager Strains

Saflager S-23

A bottom fermenting lager strain.

Saflager W-34/70

The Weihenstephan strain.

Safale Strains

It is not clear why the Fermentis top fermenting strains are divided into Safale and Safbrew categories. However, it does appear that the Safale strains are a little more generic and general purpose whilst the Safbrew strains are more for speciality beers.

Safale S-04

For typical English style ales.

Safale US-05

Safale US-05 is the dry version of Chico. US-05 is a very clean fermenting yeast for use in many American Ale styles. Many home brewers have switched to US-05 from 1056 or WPL001 due to the cost, long term storage capability, and ease of using dry yeast.

  • Temperature Range: 59-75°F
  • Sedimentation: Medium
  • Final Gravity: Low to Medium

The yeast used to be caleld US-56, however due to issues with wyeast claiming that the name was too similar to their 1056, the name was changed.

Safbrew Strains

Like the Safale strains, these are top fermenting ale yeasts but might be considered more for speciality beers (although T-58 and S-33 for example might be considered a fairly generic yeasts for Belgian brewing).

Safbrew T-58

A Belgian/Trappist strain with high alcohol tolerance.

Safbrew S-33

A Belgian/Trappist strain with high alcohol tolerance.

Safbrew WB-06

A wheat beer strain for weizen or witbier styles.