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You can use a Google to search the forum.

[edit] How To

Use Google search as you normally would but also add :

to the end of your search. It is important that the word site is in lowercase and there are no spaces.


To search for CO2 Enter the following terms in the Google search box
The following page will be rendered

[edit] Why Use It?

Google search is a useful alternative to the native forum search for several reasons. Primarily, the forum software search has an imposed restriction on terms of 3 characters or less or terms that are over 20 characters. This restriction is a performance related measure.


Searching for carafoam-carapils-maltodextrine will yield the following error.

Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.

The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search : carafoam-carapils-maltodextrine

Other common brewing terms that will yield a search error:

  • O2
  • Keg
  • Dry Hop
  • "Hop Rod Rye"

Note that the inclusion of quotation marks does not matter in the forum search.