Valhalla: The Meading of Life

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Valhalla: The Meading of Life is a BJCP-sanctioned mead-only homebrew competition held each fall at the Iron Hill Brewery in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The third annual Valhalla will be held on October 20, 2007.

[edit] 2006 Competition

In 2006, 66 entries were received from 37 different meadmakers. The 2006 winners were:

Category First place Second place Third place
Best of Show Mary Reiland, McFarland WI. Heirloom apple cyser Jeffery Swearengin, Tulsa OK. Sol de Blanc (traditional sweet mead) Steve Fletty, Falcon Heights MN. Chateu Fletty (pyment)
Dry/semi-sweet traditional Chad Gould, St. Petersburg. FL Anniversary Mead Luke Kostu, Hopelawn, NJ D-47 Mead Richard Weiss, New Bern, NC
Sweet traditional Jeffrey Swearengin, Tulsa OK, Sol de Blanc Glenn and Dani Exline, Rockledge, FL, TKO Curt and Kathy Stock, St. Paul, MN Tupelo Taming
Cyser Mary Rieland, McFarland, WI Lyle Brown, Fredricksberg, VA Patrick Payne, Melbourne, FL, Super Sizer
Pyment Steve Fletty, Falcon Heights, MN Chateau Fletty Micheal Fairbrother, Londonderry, NH, Wild NH pyment Deborah Lee, Thornton, CO, Zinfully Wild
Other Fruit Melomels Curt and Kathy Stock, St. Paul, MN Plum Crazy Ed Walkowski, Dalton, PA Raspberry melomel Howard Curran, Oviedo, FL Guavalicious
Metheglin Christopher Clair, West Chester, PA Jenn & Barry's Matrimonial Mint Mead Luke Kostu, Hopelawn, NJ Chili Mead Ed Walkowski, Dalton, PA Apple Butter Cyser
Braggot Patrick Payne, Melbourne, FL Braggon Rights Patrick Payne, Melbourne, FL There's Creek in me Honey Glenn and Dani Exline, Rockledge, FL, St. Bernardus
Open Category Mead Patrick Payne, Rockledge, FL Paynes Pomegranate Braggot Jeffrey Swearengin, Tulsa, OK Cornucopias Lyle Brown, Fredricksburg, VA, Meloglin