Aromatic malt

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Extract Potential (P/P/G) 1.036
Color 17-21 L
Requires Mashing? Yes
Max in Batch 10-100
Grain in the fields

Aromatic malt is a kilned barley malt used to give beer a strong, aggressive malt aroma and rich color.


Brewing with aromatic malt

General brewing information

Aromatic malt is high in diastatic power and can convert itself completely; however, because of the extremely strong aromatics it lends to the finished beer, most brewers avoid using more than 10% in a batch to maintain balance.

Beer styles

A traditional Belgian malt, aromatics are common in malty Belgian beers such as dubbels.

Commercial malt analyses

This section contains information on commercially available malts, derived from the malting companies' malt analysis sheets.